Hello & Welcome……I am a Marriage & Family Therapist/Psychotherapist licensed in New York and Florida specializing in relationship health and emotional wellness for individuals, and couples. As a wife, mother, and businesswoman, I am keenly aware of the joys and challenges associated with taking care of others and taking care of ourselves. I have extensive experience running groups for private organizations and not-for-profit organizations before starting my private practice. My approach is to allow you to be the expert in your life and to help navigate your way to excellent wellness. My ability to connect and build a rapport with clients is paramount to ensuring a successful growth journey. I further specialize in treating Complex Trauma.

If you are ready to tackle relational and interpersonal issues that have been causing you pain and frustration give me a call today.

Each stage in our lives holds its own unique challenges and rewards. Let me help you access your authentic self while healing past hurts and developing new, effective coping skills to deal with future obstacles and issues. You can expect to be treated in a calm, safe environment with respect and dignity. Couples can expect trustworthiness and not feel singled out when at therapy. I understand and value that families come in all shapes and sizes. I value your unique situation and lifestyle.

I specialize in treating couples at various stages of their relationship; premarital, married/committed, separated, or contemplating divorce. I see the couple together and separately. I further specialize in treating anxiety issues in teens, college students, and adults. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution/Brief Therapy are common methods used.

I additionally treat complex trauma that plagues adults by utilizing Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Understanding that the body carries the legacy of trauma and attachment dynamics in procedural habits of movement, posture, and nervous system regulation, clients are taught how the body houses and suffers from that lodged trauma. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) helps clients address the physical, and psychological effects of adverse experiences on the mind and body, SP supports a deep, effective, and unified approach to healing.

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Phone: (845) 537-7338

Email: doyletherapy1@gmail.com